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They came for
our treasures. 
They stayed for
our food.

Discover the cuisine which mesmerized the entire

British Empire in India. Anglo-Indian Cuisine. 

India was under British rule from 1858 to 1947 which is a period referred to as the British Raj. With the Crown ruling over India, it brought with it an entire community of British expats who were then introduced to an entirely new world of flavors,

methods, and ingredients.

Anglo-Indian food was indeed developed when wealthy British wives interacted with their Indian cooks to create dishes that were of the ‘local style’ and used the indigenous ingredients but still were familiar enough to taste like home.

The British thought they were in for hell when they were sent to India to occupy its land. But little did they realize that they would be seduced by the inimitable secret flavors and perfumed spices which India eventually used to influence the bland British palates. Some say, for the rest of their lives

We have captured that historic moment in time to showcase the splendor and pomp of this once regaled cuisine in all its glory and magnificence.

Welcome to the British Raj. 

The British Raj: Welcome
The British Raj: Welcome

It's all about the food. Glorious
Anglo-Indian food.

Much of the food in the old colonial days in India was centered around British Army Mess Halls and dining rooms of the Viceroy and gentlemen from the East India Company. It was a stately yet jolly dining room where officers, gentlemen, and sometimes even Royalty would dress in their best and indulge in a fine evening of feasting and fellowship. This is how two empires connected to become one of the most powerful forces the universe had ever seen. Thanks to its food.

Meet the real movers of the
British Empire in India

Masala Chapli Kebab Sliders
Lamb Bunny Chow
The Jolly Green Giant
Selection of 'dum' Biryani
Rajasthan Rarebit
British Raj Club Sandwich
Vodka Paani Puri Shots
4.	King Edward’s Tandoor Grilled King Prawns.
Kerala Scotch Eggs
Tipsy Pudding
Reshmi Kebab
Lord Mountbatten's Balls
English Cheese and Chutney Board - 5 pax
Madras Rifles Mutton Chukka
Masala Mutton Cottage Pie
The British Raj: Portfolio
grumpy emglishmen.jpg

This kind of cuisine came into the picture during the British Rule or Raj as it was known when the British memsahibs or wives interacted with their Indian cooks. They gave their English inputs which resulted in Indian outputs and that is pretty much how Anglo- Indian cuisine was born. Anglo-Indian cuisine could be said to be influenced by the British invasion in India and evolved over centuries to what it is today. Throughout the colonial period, many new hybrid cuisines came into existence. The Indian khansamah or cooks of those times innovated new dishes, which combined some of the flavours of India with those of Britain and Europe and vice versa. Spices and other ingredients were added to

Western dishes giving them a distinct Indian flavor.

If only they knew that these spices will become an integral part of their lives forever.

The British Raj: Our Food

So who exactly were the Anglo-Indians?

The term “Anglo-Indian” originally referred to British colonials residing in India. Their prolonged stay in the country resulted in the emergence of a race of people born to British fathers and Indian mothers, who also called themselves Anglo-Indians.


But perhaps the greatest treasure this tiny, fun-loving community has to offer is its culinary tradition that has survived the test of time long after the sun set on the British Empire.

The British Raj Welcomes You

Everyday between 11.30 am to 11.30 pm

Except on Monday when our Sepoys have to rest.

Enjoy time-honored tradition and

Anglo-Indian hospitality served with 

food which will make your heart go boombudiboombudiboombudiboom... 

The British Raj: Opening Hours
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